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What It's Like to Work at Enodo

From a three member startup, to a real estate tech accelerator, to a 15 person company, Enodo has quickly made a name for itself in the commercial real estate industry. With an agile approach to both technical development and business development, we are driving disruptive innovation through a diverse set of backgrounds and skill sets, and a common goal to influence change within the commercial real estate industry. 

We're Agile - Enodo utilizes Agile development methodology. Every other Monday, the development team has a Sprint meeting to plan out what work will be accomplished over the following three weeks.  The team spends two weeks in development, followed by a week of testing and debugging, before updating the live version of the platform. The business team meets every Monday to discuss marketing and sales objectives for the week. Collectively, each morning the teams huddle up for a quick stand-up meeting and everyone shares their main objective for the day.

Marc_Harvard.jpgCEO Marc Rutzen (middle) on a panel at Harvard University's Real Estate Weekend

We're Problem Solvers -  We're a passionate team of problem solvers. Some prefer to  start early, and some stay late, but the team's collective work ethic helps us stay ahead of our internal schedule. It's not uncommon for 8PM to roll around and for members of the team to be in the office. We're not workaholics though - sometimes our biggest breakthroughs come from "beers and brainstorming" Friday evenings.

33461182173_a28cf700bb_o.pngCOO Thomas Delaney at The University of Chicago's Machine Learning Venture Capital Summit

We're Disruptive - Whether on the business or development team, we are a group of skilled hackers with big goals. Enodo is committed to delivering value to the commercial real estate industry by introducing a better way for CRE professionals to understand markets and analyze opportunities.

nmhc-1.jpgCEO Marc Rutzen presenting to the staff of the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) 

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Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson
As a product manager at Enodo, Rob Johnson deploys highly engaging tools that allow commercial real estate professionals to accurately forecast property performance and identify market benchmarks.

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