The new features are targeted at everyday operators and service providers that need real-time information that delivers actionable insights to increase property performance and maximize returns.


New Features and Platform Updates:

  • Unit Level Rent and Concessions Tracking - Developed for both ongoing subscriptions and one-time reports, customers can track individual properties and receive weekly email updates on unit availability, pricing, and concessions.
  • Enodo Lite - A map-based tool providing high-level detail including Unit Mixes, Market Rents, Historical Trends, etc. enabling a lower price point solution to acquire meaningful property information without the larger platform commitment.  
  • Enhanced Rent Roll and T-12 PDF Upload - Allows users to convert rent rolls to floor plans, map T-12s to their chart of accounts, and export in Excel. This is an all-in-one lease analysis tool to extract the most relevant and impactful information regarding property performance.
  • API as a Service – Understanding the “product exhaustion” in the commercial real estate market, Enodo now offers a menu of API calls to extract value for large organizations. Users can both query historical property data and run Enodo’s predictive algorithms with API access.


About Enodo: Enodo is an automated underwriting platform for the commercial real estate industry. Utilizing predictive analytics and machine learning, Enodo offers a suite of underwriting tools including Rent Surveys, Lease Activity Tracking, Amenity Analysis, Expense Benchmarking, Value-Add Modeling, and Ground-up Development Planning.

Through an intuitive platform interface and API services, Enodo delivers actionable insights that accelerate the underwriting process and enable more informed decision making. Learn more at