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Marc Rutzen

Marc Rutzen

At the intersection of Real Estate and Technology, Marc Rutzen is the CEO & CoFounder of Enodo Inc.

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The Real Estate Analysis Problem

Data "Analysis" has always been one of the commercial real estate phrases that rub me the wrong way....
Marc Rutzen February 2019

How to Use Multifamily Operating Expense Benchmarks

Every multifamily operator has an internal benchmark that they are trying to achieve from an expense...
Marc Rutzen February 2019

How to Identify Rent Comps

In multifamily real estate, selecting good rent comps is the foundation of a sound analysis. If you ...
Marc Rutzen February 2019

The 4 Best Real Estate Websites in 2019

One reason so many people venture into multifamily real estate investment is the large volume of onl...
Marc Rutzen February 2019

What Do Chicagoans Value More: In-Unit Laundry or Balcony?

Exactly what makes an apartment valuable? Depending on where you live in Chicago, the answer may var...
Marc Rutzen January 2019

How Lenders Are Going To Make Your Life Easier

When I first started working with national multifamily lenders (like the groups on this list), I was...
Marc Rutzen September 2018

Will Automation and AI in Real Estate Endanger Your Job?

The commercial real estate industry is getting bombarded with new tech platforms that use machine le...
Marc Rutzen August 2018

How Real Estate Developers Engineer Value Before Breaking Ground

In a recent Bisnow article, CEO Marc Rutzen shared insight on how developers can engineer value in r...
Marc Rutzen July 2018

Why CRE Tech Tools Are An Analyst's Best Friend

There is enormous pressure on real estate analysts to efficiently and consistently sort through and ...
Marc Rutzen June 2018

Changing Interest Rates and the Importance of Underwriting

Preservation of capital is the cornerstone of multifamily real estate investing.  Paying close atten...
Marc Rutzen June 2018

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