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Marc Rutzen

Marc Rutzen

At the intersection of Real Estate and Technology, Marc Rutzen is the CEO & CoFounder of Enodo Inc.

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What Do Chicagoans Value More: In-Unit Laundry or Balcony?

Exactly what makes an apartment valuable? Depending on where you live in Chicago, the answer may var...
Marc Rutzen January 2019

How Lenders Are Going To Make Your Life Easier

When I first started working with large multifamily lenders, I was surprised how few of them made lo...
Marc Rutzen September 2018

Enodo Identifies 9,000 Undervalued Multifamily Properties Nationwide

A recent CRETech article shared research conducted by Enodo's data science team that identified 9,00...
Marc Rutzen August 2018

Will Automation and AI in Real Estate Endanger Your Job?

The commercial real estate industry is getting bombarded with new tech platforms that use machine le...
Marc Rutzen August 2018

How Real Estate Developers Engineer Value Before Breaking Ground

In a recent Bisnow article, CEO Marc Rutzen shared insight on how developers can engineer value in r...
Marc Rutzen July 2018

Why CRE Tech Tools Are An Analyst's Best Friend

There is enormous pressure on real estate analysts to efficiently and consistently sort through and ...
Marc Rutzen June 2018

Changing Interest Rates and the Importance of Underwriting

Preservation of capital is the cornerstone of multifamily real estate investing.  Paying close atten...
Marc Rutzen June 2018

Accelerate Desktop Underwriting To Get To "Go" or "No-Go" Decisions Faster

In prehistoric times before smart phones, all of ten years ago, lenders could (and did) produce unde...
Marc Rutzen June 2018

Five Underwriting Habits That Build Trust With Clients

This article originally appeared on Forbes.
Marc Rutzen May 2018

How Automation and Predictive Analytics Can Help Real Estate Analysts Underwrite More Effectively

In American folklore, John Henry was a steel driving man - a man tasked with hammering a large steel...
Marc Rutzen May 2018

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