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5 Things to Know About Working on Enodo's Dev Team

Enodo has built a talented team and a culture of problem solvers. We polled the Dev Team about why they like working at Enodo. Here are the top responses: 

  1. Freedom - At Enodo developers have the freedom to choose how to solve challenging problems. The team fosters flexibility to explore their curiosities - as they pertain to the improvement of the product.
  2. Impactful contributions - As a 15-person company comprised of full-time and part-time employees, everyone is responsible for meaningful contributions to the platform. There is a collaborative atmosphere without the hierarchical BS. 
  3. Tech stack - The team works with the newest technologies. Some of the software the company utilizes include docker, kubernetes and Google Cloud platform. If a team member needs a tool to do their job, it's theirs. 
  4.  Work-life balance - The team is contagiously passionate and continues to push each other to improve. There are late nights, but there is also a flexible schedule. 9AM start times are more for the business team. Whether working on a Master's Degree, attending hackathons or building a cryptocurrency side hustle, the dev team stays busy outside of the office. 
  5. Diversity in skills & expertise - Members of the team come from as far as France, Spain, and China and as local as Chicago. The team also has a diverse background of skills and prior experience in data science, data engineering,  UI/UX and full-stack development.

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Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson
As a product manager at Enodo, Rob Johnson deploys highly engaging tools that allow commercial real estate professionals to accurately forecast property performance and identify market benchmarks.

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